Double Silhouette Menagerie boy (February 2021)

Let me introduce New 2 size Gen Menagerie boy:




Shoulder size option {first Gen size (Narrow) or Second Gen size (Broad)}



Earth- Gasp
Baby Venus – Gasp Baby Venus

`Natural Posing Male Body` is a 43cm original hand sculptured jointed doll


The Posing `Double Silhouette`  male body is  43 cm tall (head to toe).

He is be compatible with all 2nd generation menagerie male faces.



– 4 part torso body (update Version 3.0)

– Option for either narrow or broad shoulder size

– Option for single jointed or double jointed neck

– Option for either stationary or jointed hands ( Jointed hands: 8 finger joints per hand, *stable posing joint system)

— magnetic Jointed feet *heel insert (same foot as 2.0 gen boy)

– 1 pair 6.5mm custom made eyes

– Original box + authenticity certificate


Available skin tones:

White, Light, Tan, Ebony, Ash, Cocoa  

Attention:  **White is a paper white translucent shade!

*Tan is a very light tan tone

*Cocoa is a darker tan tone

*Ebony is very close to dark bitter chocolate or Ebony wood




Pre-order period : July 22  2023

Shipping as soon as December 2023


Orders OPEN to the mailing list, and soon to everyone else!

How do I order?

Via the order registration form:


…and you will receive from us an invoice to reserving your dolls ASAP~~!


Pricing is as follows:

  •  $950 blank in any skin shade (white, light, Tan, Cocoa, Ash)**Extra faces are $200 each
  • I can accept very limited faceup/ body blushing commissions this pre-order so please place them fast if interested! $300 for a faceup,  (painting work will take one month extra)
  • Payment is via Pay Pal (credit card, and if requested bank transfer is possible too)
    • there is a %5 discount on full payment
    • Up to x4 part layaway is possible! (minimum per payment is $300)
    • In case of cancellation: please understand $300 of the deposit are non refundable – So please be very sure before ordering <3






Optional Ballet feet (not included but can be ordered separately)


Optional Non jointed hands (free to choose either  jointed or on jointed hands to be included with every doll)













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