1st generation update kit

❤ I have a 1st gen body and want to keep it! ❤

We love 1st Gen, and want to help you keep it!

This is why I decided to offer a basic update kit (both boys and girls),
including a few basic parts you might want in order to keep enjoying your doll:

* this kit is only available to 1st Gen owners, at a special price, these parts will not be offered separately from the body now or in the future..

2nd Gen feet – they will fit your 1st Gen body, and allow you to enjoy future shoe designs for the 2nd Gen body. (update includes, jointed feet for both girls and boys, and ballet feet for the girls)

2nd Gen hands – not necessary, but a fun options for those who love the jointed hands but wish for a stabler design that is easier to pose

2nd Gen perfect fit boy neck – these are not necessary, but will look a bit nicer when fitting 2nd Gen faces on a 1st Gen body.

*if you are already receiving a free neck update with a new face you ordered, this update will only include the hands and feet, thank you for your understanding <3

Important notice!

We try to keep resin shades the same between castings, but it is not possible to make a perfectly exact match, as we mix the shades according to eye!

Normally after blushing the difference should not be very apparent, but if you are very sensitive to resin shade differences, please do  not order this kit.

Thank you for your kind understanding <3

Yes I want the update!

*and understand regarding slight resin shade difference that may occur

( shipping December 2019)


>Closed- Thank you!<

Please make sure to select your color of choice in the edit product section at checkout

If you need any guidance, or have any question at all regarding your order, please email us directly

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