2nd Generation Menagerie accessories

Important notice regarding ordering any of the items in this section:

Most accessories below are available to order directly from the 3d printer company.

This arrangement has two big advantages:

A. The items will arrive to you as fast as possible, as they will ship directly to you

B. I can offer these designs to you at the cheapest prices possible, as there are no intermediate handling charges 🙂


There are however, a few draw backs to this arrangement, so please make sure to read below. so they are well understood before ordering <3

1. I will not be able to inspect the part personally  before you receive it. I do however have very good experience with this printer company, and they will replace a part if there is any damage to it. also if you have any trouble at all with them, please let me know via email, ans I`ll do the negation with them on your behalf  – All Items from this page are a guaranteed by us, so please feel assured! 🙂

2.I have tested all items with almost all available materials, however at times, some items still wont pass Shapeways`s manual check before printing.

in such a case they will notify you of cancellation and will issue a refund for that particular item. If this happens I will write back to you with a recommendation for using a different material that has been already verified. I`m very sorry for this inconvenience, but please kindly be aware that this s a possibility <3

Here is a list of the materials available on shapeways; https://www.shapeways.com/materials

I have already chose the ones that best fit every item, but checking out the options may help you decide what material will work best for your purpose 🙂


3. the items will arrive to you in a less `fancy` packaging (usually only air packing, though metal items usually ship in a nice velvet pouch)). if you would like a nice box or pouch for your item, you can email me directly, I`ll be happy to arrange shipping of packaging separately interested.

4.items come directly from the printers, therefore might sometimes have a bit of residue powder or support from the printing, and might need a bit of manual cleaning once it arrives to you.

all items can be cleaned with a toothbrush and warm soapy water (metal items do not need cleaning).

5.All items arrive blank, in the colour of the material you chose for it (you will see what it will look like in the preview window on the site, once you choose your material of choice – it is recommended to spray coat the item with varnish spray before doing any painting work yourself.

6. regarding items that require a magnet (like nude heels), magnets will be available to order from this page after June 16th.


That`s most of it! thank your for your attention, and I hope you have an enjoyable experience printing your items 🙂

if you have any other question about this service please do not hesitate to let me know!


`Chinesque` Headdress

Alien Nude heels
`Ballerina` Feet + Rococo Heel
Ballerina Toe Shoes

Articulated bone-lace Top

Skeleton extreme heels

Orchid extreme heel

Butterfly Mules Extreme heel

Teacup extreme heels


Rococo Headdress

hairpins, hair decoration

Lace jointed wrists & ankles

Spine Neck-brace

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