2nd Generation Menagerie Boy

`Natural Posing Male Body` is a 43cm original hand sculptured jointed doll


The Posing `Natural` male body (Version 2.0 final) is a 43 cm tall.

This is the final body version for menagerie males.

He is be compatible with all 2nd generation menagerie male faces.(please note, this body does not include a face)



Newly designed, 4 part torso body (update Version 2.0 final)

(this body does not include a face, please choose a matching face from the face section in the shop, if wished)

–  Jointed hands: 8 finger joints per hand, *newly updated stable posing joint system

– magnetic Jointed feet *heel insert

– 1 pair 6.5mm custom made glass eyes

– Original box + authenticity certificate


Available skin tones:

White, Light, Tan, Ebony, Ash, Cocoa  

*Please notice! all resin shades are high quality resin, in soft translucent shades – the end result of the doll is more translucent than the dolls in the sample photos!

*White is a warm translucent shade

*Tan is a very light tan tone

*Cocoa is a darker tan tone

*Ebony is very close to dark bitter chocolate or Ebony wood



Pre-order period : End of December ~ limited stock runs out / 2019

Shipping in February 2019


Pricing for a blank doll body  with your face of choice:

Ash $780

White $780

Light  $780

Tan $820    

Cocoa $820

Ebony $820

Payment options;

(Pay Pal or Credit Card are accepted.)

–  One full payment is eligible for a %5 discount

–  A layaway is possible ( up to 4 payments)



For clients that bought a doll from us within a year there is a %5 discount on a new doll~!

Please contact me via email directly for your discount, so it`s ready for you this weekend once the order begins 🙂

a big big thank you hug for your continues support ?


Email us for a voucher code 🙂


One full, discounted payment: 

43cm tall Natural posing Boy – Blank

(Shipping February 2019)

from $780



Please make sure to select your resin shade of choice in the product options menu

Layaway: (4 parts): 

43cm tall Natural posing Boy – Blank (Layaway)

( Shipping February 2019)

4 part payment

$195 x 4


Please make sure to select your resin shade of choice in the product options menu

3 remaining payment links for a later payment:

 $195 Each

October 2019

November 2019

December 2019

If you need any guidance, or have any question at all regarding your order, please email us directly



















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