New Dentelle

>> Dolls ordered in July-August 2013 will ship from December 2013 – January 2014  <<< 

This is the second and final reservation order for Angel Egg doll `New Dentelle` .

`New Dentelle` is a limited edition cast in a 50 pieces, each signed and numbered.

This order is for pieces number 24-50, and will end on August  31st unless sold out before.


*Dolls will ship in order,  early orders will ship in time for Christmas this year.


Pink Pearl Body Blush option

  Pink Pearl Faceup (shown on `Ilai` Faceplate)

Ilai / New Dentelle


Carousel Body Blush option

Carousel Body Blush option (does not include the crown, shoes or horse)

Carousel Faceup (shown on `Dentelle` Faceplate)


Rococo Blue Body Blush option

Rococo Blue Faceup (shown on `Dentelle` Faceplate)


Faces available for `New Dentelle` are [Dentelle], [Ilai], [Classic Noi].





Classic Noi

Classic Noi


Doll dementions;

38cm tall

Eye size 8-7mm

shoe size 3.2cm

Wig size 5-6″


New AE Dentelle ( high heel feet + flat feet + Mohair wig+ ribbons + glass eyes + Joint lining )

Blank  $950,

faceup + $150.

body blush (Including body Ribbon lacing) + $100


Reservations are open until August  31st unless sold out before.

Layaway/ Payment plan is possible.

* For Payment plan payments, Please make reservation via Email ( or )

For placing a reservation via Email, please state your country for shipping information, so we can calculate shipping fees, and we will send you an invoice to your Email.

Payment is via Pay Pal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer


*Dolls will ship in order,  early orders will ship in time for Christmas this year.





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